Alfresco – Introduction to the Company and its Products

This course introduces you to the Alfresco company and its products. It is useful if you are wondering what the company does and what products it offers. So if you need to get on top of what Alfresco offers in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) world, then check it out. The course starts out explaining what ECM and BPM is and then continues on to introduce the Alfresco Content Services (ACS), the ECM offering from Alfresco that supports Document Management, Collaboration, and Workflow. The Media Management and Records Management modules are then introduced, which are modules that run on top of ACS. We end the course with and introduction to the Alfresco Process Services (APS), which is the BPM offering from Alfresco. We look at basic process design and implementation, and also cover how easy it is to integrate Alfresco Process Services with Alfresco Content Services.